It’s Raining Parakeets


This is an Orange-fronted Parakeet.  It was part of a mated pair that was in the area.  I found them outside our hotel, Hotel Bambula, in Samara, Costa Rica.  The parakeet is coming out of an old termite nest high up in a tree.  I can’t be certain but I think they hollowed out the inside of this termite nest and turned it into a parakeet nest.  They were both being highly aggressively towards a nearby squirrel.  Once the squirrel threat moved on one entered the hole to the termite nest while the other stood vigil on a perch outside.  After at least 10 minutes it came out of the nest, preened with the one standing watch, and then they both entered the nest for at least another 10 minutes.  I suppose they could have just been eating termites, but the behavior let me to believe it was a next.  Just my thoughts.  If anyone knows anything more about orange-fronted parakeets and nesting behavior let me know.

This was the last image I took before my card filled up.  I knew I only had one shot left and I waited for a while for a good one.  I almost waited too long.  The two parakeets were in the nest while I waited for them to emerge.  The first one shot out like a bullet and I couldn’t get the shot off in time, luckily the other followed and by the time I clicked the shutter the second bird came into frame.  It worked out pretty well but unfortunately wasn’t really by design.


Canon 60D

Sigma 50-500 mm f/4-6.3

1/125 sec @ f/6.3

ISO 400


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