Just Hangin Out

Hooray for Two-toed Sloths!  This was taken along a trail around our hotel in Monteverde, Costa Rica.  This day I was on a mission, mission: sloth.  Armed with only a trail map containing a few areas circled where sloths have been spotted I set out into the forest.  The trails were more convoluted than I expected and to be honest I was a bit lost.  I got to an area I thought was right so I figured I should start thoroughly scanning the trees.  I looked up and right away, directly above me, I saw this lethargic Megalonychidae.  At first he was sleeping in a ball.  I ran back to wake my girlfriend up from a nap due to the fact that she would have killed me if I didn’t.  When we got back he decided to start moving around for a “midnight” snack (they’re nocturnal).

There are two types of sloths in the world, the two-toed and the three-toed.  And they aren’t even closely related! They are in completely separate families.  This post is getting pretty long so I’ll just add some quick sloth fun facts:

– Sloths spend nearly their entire lives in the canopy.

– They only come down from the canopy once every 2 weeks or so to poop. (No one really knows why…)

– They are very slow moving, mostly due to their diet.

– Many have a green tint to their fur.  This comes from algae that grows on them.

Fun fun.  Sloths are pretty great.  Useless, but great.



Canon 60D

Sigma 50-500 mm f/4-6.3

1/160 sec @ f/5.6

ISO 400


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