Long-Billed Dowitcher

These little shorebirds are the Long-billed Dowitcher.  Or at least that is what I and a birder friend figured they were.  They might be the short-billed, but we’re pretty confident in this one.  Either way, shorebirds are usually very difficult to tell apart unless they have a mondo sized bill such as these ones.  Unfortunately they are very well camouflaged and don’t stand out too well in these photos.  Well, I suppose that is fortunate for them, unfortunate for me.  Either way I had to come all the way up to Arctic Alaska to see them.  Sure I could have found them in more accessible/desirable places.  But where’s the fun in that?  Anyhow for the rest of the summer my posts will be from the arctic coast.  I’m camping out here in a remote field camp on a research team for the USGS.  The photos are taking a back seat to wildlife research, but I will squeeze them in whenever I can.

 Canon 60D, Sigma 50-500 mm f/4-6.3

1/200 sec @ f/8.0, ISO 100


Canon 60D, Sigma 50-500 mm f/4-6.3

1/320 sec @ f/8.0, ISO 100


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