Back From Obscurity


It looks like it’s time to dust off the old blog and toss out some new pictures.  Let’s see… last I left off I was in Alaska a bit under a year ago. Wow, shameful blogger here.  Well the long and short of my life since then is I moved out of Alaska with my lovely girlfriend, embarked on a whirlwind adventure driving from Anchorage down through most of the Western United States finally ending up in Santa Barbara, CA where we then started the task of finding housing and jobs.  Turns out being unemployed and technically homeless is stressful.  As biology jobs surfaced I found work out on Santa Cruz Island of the Channel Islands National Park.  But you don’t care about all that! You just want to look at pleasing pictures for about 10 seconds and move on with your life!


The next few posts will be shots of the Santa Cruz Island wildlife that sat still long enough for me to fumble with my camera taking hundreds of terrible photos only to come out with a handful of ones that don’t embarrass me as a self proclaimed “enthusiastic amateur photographer”. (And a terrible writer to boot, that sentence way too long.)


Just a Taste:

Island Fox Completely Hidden - watermark

Who’s that?  Who’s the sneaky little guy spying on me in, what it must assume is, complete stealth? Hint: It is only found on 6 of the 8 Channel Islands, with each island harboring it’s own unique subspecies.  Lots more pictures of this not-so-elusive creature in the next post.

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